Understanding and Transforming Lateral Violence in Our Communities…

We have all had the experience of feeling undermined. Very often it doesn’t make sense. Why do those around us and why do we subtly and not so subtly attempt to sabotage the growth and success of another? More importantly, how do we do it, what is the cost and how do we alter this vicious cycle?
In this controversial and groundbreaking workshop we will be naming, confronting and creatively transforming our barriers to success as First Nations people on a personal, relational, organizational and community level.
Join us for this 3 day workshop during which we will

  • Define and explore Lateral Violence
  • Gain insight to the various types of power – explicit and implicit
  • Move from conflict to collaboration quickly
  • Identify the misuse of power and its impact on our progress
  • Discuss the cost of withholding forgiveness
  • Practice strategies for refocusing on and responsibly using your unique power
  • Acknowledge and use your power as way of inspiring and influencing others
  • Begin to make sense of resistance and revenge
  • Practice celebrating and leveraging the successes of everyone

This workshop is based on Arnold Mindell’s compassionate peacemaking work being conducted in racially conflicted countries worldwide. Denise and Tereasa create a safe and spacious environment for you to explore and make sense of this highly sensitive topic that’s in need of our attention.