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“Thank you it was a fabulous training by far the most professional trainers I have worked with! And I have worked with many…  transformation has taken place for our people. Keep up the fantastic work we would love to have you back in our territory.”

Paulette Flamond, Executive Director of Northeast Aboriginal Business & Wellness Centre


“Ha7lh skwayel (Good Day):

You know how much I already adore you two and the work you do, so who would have thought it had room to get any better!

It was truly amazing to be a part of this past weekend’s workshop not only to experience and share in the tools, but to see how you work your “magic”. It was fascinating to see how you have transformed the lives and thinking for this group of participants, alternating gently and firmly to increase the learning and understanding around lateral violence.

You both are so caring and thoughtful in delivering the material and weave in the teachings of First Nations values and beliefs to make it even more relevant. A big huy chexw to Splash for his wisdom & “drum” technology as well.

The real truth came out in the closing as we disclosed our new understanding & commitment to change, voices who were so quiet to begin with were heard with confidence & conviction!

My hands go up to both of you!

You Make a Difference

Chen Kwen Man tumi – I am very grateful

An chen temstl’i7 ta nu – with much love to you!””

Kelley McReynolds; Yataltenat, Department Head/Executive Director, Ayas Men Men Child & Family Services Squamish Nation


“I just have to say that my experience at the workshop was uplifting and gave me new strength!  Denise, Tereasa and Splash were all amazing!! It brought new perspective to our team and we look forward new journies.

Thanks again for organizing the workshop and pass on my kindest regards to Denise and Tereasa and all the best throughout the Holidays!”

Rose Dumont, Head Treaty Clerk, Tsouke Nation – Te’Mexw Treaty Association

“Thank you for participating in our workshop on Wednesday; by the feedback in your updates it seems that we all enjoyed our time with Denise and Tereasa and were able to gain some new perspective:) on relationship and communication. I love the way that Denise and Tereasa work andplay off each other and how seamlessly they are together in the room.

It always feels to me that they are really present in the way they show up, what they say and how they interact with each other and with us as participants is a testament to that. It seems that being truly present in a group, one on one, or even when you are alone is a powerful way of being and that it feels different than being in a group setting where information is presented or even in an interactive situation where the participants are not being aware of themselves or the others involved. What a powerful experience it can be to listen and to be with someone who listens, clarifies and asks questions.”

Dr. Michael McCann, Port Moody Integrated Health

“This is such incredibly important and strong work done in such a playful and lightly held way, wrapped with profound respect. I love all of it. You are two very unique and discerned human beings; I love knowing that the next time I see you you’ll just be more your ‘nesses’!”

Deb Schmitz, Roberts Creek, BC

“Trust and confidence is what I felt when I first met Denise and Tereasa from Chameleon. They diligigently worked with one of our teams and saved it from imploding. I truly believe in the sustainable change they create”.

Ali Fillmore – LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

“Coaching is life changing. It opens your mind and frees your heart to be the person you always thought you could be. It focusses on a positive future and gives everyone an opportunity to shine in their own unique way. The coaches at Chameleon are intuitive, kind and hold you in a place of strength while they work with you.”

Eva Coles – Manager of Prevention Services

“This workshop gave me insight and inspiration to lead with more ease. In particular how to deal with team toxins and acknowledge change and eeal with my own triggers. Facilitators are exceptional.” 

Melanie Rivers – Chee Mamuk Aboriginal HIV/STI Program Manager

“This workshop was the best two days I have spent bar none. It opened my eyes to the importance of my role as a leader in personal and organizational relationships. My life will change from this point on.”

Trevor Getty – BCIT

“Direction, guidance and clarification given in a fun, inviting and exceptional way.”

Rachel Brown – Vancouver, BC

“I want to thank you both even more for the incredible learning and loving space that you created for our ‘Leading with Ease’ pioneering group! You truly are trail blazers!!! Just know that every ounce of energy that you have put into this work is coming back to you in abundant and surprising ways! The magic and the alchemy that you create and support is boundless. When you think about a group of strangers walking into a room one day and how transformed we were with the new knowledge and understandings that you imprinted on our hearts by the end of the next day……WOW!!!! As I have continued the processing, I also want to acknowledge you both for being incredible bridge builders for peace! How often do Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people come together to really hear each other, learn from one another, develop a deeper compassion for one another and actually fall in love with the true essence of each other???? You created that “crazy wisdom” of the sense ONENESS. How cool is that? You are both a rare treasure!!!! I hope you are celebrating yourselves today and taking time to really “pat yourselves on the back!” “

Debbie Riopel – Living Legacy Productions