Today’s ever changing world presents unique challenges that require new and innovative ways of being, knowing and seeing. Social, environmental and economic environments are challenging leaders and those in services to take an integrated approach to finding sustainable solutions. Training programs, in order to be effective, must engage learners in a way that opens up both theirs hearts and minds. At Kweykway we specialize in developing culturally sensitive curriculum and instruction designed to meet the unique needs of indigenous learners. Using a consultative process we work will work with the client to identify instructional goals and objectives and design an innovative curriculum that ensures an impactful experience that engages the various learning styles.

Denise is in the process of completing a Masters in Education focussing on Contemplative Inquiry and Approaches in Education and she holds a Provincial Instructors Diploma from VCC as well as has in depth training in group process. Denise not only uses sound pedagogical practices in the development and delivery of all programs but is dedicated to creating a safe learning environment in which leaners can develop a reflective practice, engage in constructive discourse, take risks and allow their most vulnerable selves to been seen and heard.  All of our programs are designed to be delivered in non-academically traditional and diverse settings, are rooted in experiential and embodied practices and give consideration to social and moral ethics.

For more information about Denise’s educational philosphy and background visit her blog.

Our workshop development and services include…


The following principles guide all program development we undertake…

  1. Vision-directed and Value-based
  2. Goals and Program Objectives: Keeping Them Simple
  3. Modeling: Setting the Example
  4. Being Inclusive: Stakeholder Involvement from the Beginning to the End
  5. A Holistic Approach Instead of Compartmentalization of Issues
  6. Context and Diverse Learners
  7. Use Research to Guide Practice

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Who we work with

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We provide customized professional development training for leaders, social workers, educators, health care professionals, adminstrations, mental health workers, child and youth workers, parents and caregivers. We customize Some of the topics we have provided training on are as follows:

…and much, much more. Contact us to discuss your needs and we’ll design something specific, inspirational and transformative just for your group (778) 772-0368 or