Personal and Executive 

Chameleon Strategies professional coaches work with you to create an individualized program to clarify and focus on your goals, build your capacity and achieve success.

We start by working collaboratively with you to identify your core values. We then co-design an individualized space where you are able to take the risks necessary to uncover self-limiting beliefs and explore alternative possibilities. We provide you with supportive structures that create and maintain momentum and keep you focused on your goals.

Coaching is most effective when sustained over an extended period of time. Clients will receive the support and inspiration that makes learning and the development of new habits sustainable. We recommend a minimum 3-month commitment to the coaching process.

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Leadership Development

Our 6-month integrated leadership development program provides coaching and consulting for emerging and established leaders. Clients receive customized one on one support from a professional Chameleon Strategies coach committed to championing your growth and success!

This program focuses on building client capacity in the areas of conflict management, team motivation, facilitating change, personal development, visioning and interpersonal communications. Our focus is on providing clients with proven tools and strategic support for overcoming barriers to personal and professional excellence.

Includes 1 – 2 hour intake session, 3 – 45 minute sessions per month for 6 months, access to online support and tools, visioning and goal setting, accountability structures, ongoing problem solving and trouble shooting specific issues related to decision making and team issues and assessment of and strategizing in regards to organizational challenges.

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Partnership Alignment

At Chameleon Strategies we believe in the power of partnership. Most partnerships fall apart because people don’t know how to talk to each other. Due to repeated requests from our clients we have designed a ground breaking approach to partnership coaching.

The Alignment Coaching process explores how to:
  • Work creatively with conflict
  • Create ease during times of stress
  • Understand Roles
  • Practice interpersonal communication
  • Self-management strategies
  • Maintain commitment to a shared vision
  • Harness and leverage the strengths of partnership
  • Redesign and focus on solution and success

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Organization and Team