Chameleon’s coaches are committed to providing simple techniques that facilitate meaningful dialogue to revive your personal and professional relationships.

Relationship coaching creates resiliency, increases intimacy, and develops the relationship’s capacity for constructive and fulfilling interactions. You will learn how to fight fair, navigate change and maintain a positive atmosphere. You will experience your relationships in a whole new way. Relationship Coaching is recommended for intimate relationships, blended and extended family, colleagues, employees and business partnerships.

Designing Your Relationship Package
This package is for you if you are in a relationship that is longing for clarification, inspiration, and increased alignment the Design Your Relationship Package is a great fit. A Chameleon coach will create a safe space with you in which you can explore the strength and challenge areas of relationship. You will experience a new sense of alignment with and a feeling of being on the same page having found new clarity around what’s most important to both of you and then committing to clearing defined agreements around creating sustainable change.

One – 3 Hour in Person Session: $675

Relationship Detox Program
The name says it all. Let Chameleon assist you in detoxifying your relationship. Whether is the one you have with yourself or someone else of importance in your life we will coach you to reduce, manage and replace toxic behaviours with ones that will increase the positivity in your relationship. A prerequisite for sustainability in relationships. Learn simple techniques for revitalizing the emotional life of relationship of importance to you and begin to feel a sense of fulfillment again.

Three – 90 Minute Sessions: $925

Six – 90 Minute Sessions: $1,775

Maintenance Program
If you have something specific you want coaching around or if you just need a boost of inspiration then one session may be all you need. Give your relationship the gift of a 90 minute session in which is gets the attention it deserves. Work on a specific challenge, create a common goal, and practice positive communication creating increased fulfillmnet.

One – 90 Minute Session: $325