“We are the medicine for one another.”

Elder Gerry Oleman

Marla Klyne Kolomaya


Marla Klyne Kolomaya - Associate


Marla Klyne Kolomaya’s worldview as a Métis person is rooted in her relationships as a wife, daughter, auntie, sister, and friend. This orientation is further informed by her deep ancestral roots within Treaty 2 & Treaty 5 territories (Manitoba) as well as her abiding passion for supporting families and community. With a background in community counseling and supporting youth as a counselor within the education system, along with thirty years of ranching on the land alongside her husband, Marla is guided in her approach by a deep respect for the healing potential that can unfold when we are nurtured within relationships. Marla is rooted in a cultural and relational understanding of the nature of humanity, along with an insightful, scientific lens that centres the roles of emotion and attachment within our unfolding (G. Neufeld https://neufeldinstitute.org/about-us/our-approach/).  Marla works with families, clinicians, and educators with a compassionate approach while sharing insights (wherever we have become stuck) into the places humans are most naturally positioned to heal where there have previously been experiences of tremendous wounding.

Marla has experienced sitting with many beautiful and heartfelt humans in circle as part of her work throughout the provinces of Manitoba, British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario; observing that when the cultural ways of families and community are centered, people tend to have much more in common than not.  Where generational togetherness is missing, stories of suffering are prevalent. Where togetherness is deeply felt – healing, playfulness, and profound, psychological rest are observed. Rooted in the understanding that relationships and cultural connectedness are powerful medicine, Marla is honoured to support families and professionals in the ongoing restoration of these ancient ways of knowing and being.

Marla specializes in group facilitation as well as one-on-one consulting with parents, helping professionals, educators, and policy makers.

Marla shares insight and hope around the issues of …

  • Aggression
  • Anxiety and Alarm based problems (phobias, obsessions, compulsions, self-harm)
  • Children, adolescents & emotional development
  • Emotional health
  • Issues related to oppositionality, discipline and consequences.
  • The necessary conditions for learning & curiosity
  • Resilience and the conditions that support healing
  • Making sense of adolescence
  • Understanding the role of shyness in healthy development
  • Challenging issues in raising and caring for children & adolescents
  • Youth who are struggling within the school system
  • Peer orientation
  • Creating a culture of caring within organizations

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