Chameleon Strategies wants to ensure that you are living your best team experience each and every day and strives to make your organization’s dreams a reality. We invite team members to explore and leverage the unique capabilities of the team, create a common vision and values framework, and expand their leadership capacity and impact.

At Chameleon Strategies we look at teams as being naturally creative, resourceful, and whole. Our method includes a combination of process work, alternate dispute resolution, emotional intelligence, Taoism, and quantum physics. The Chameleon Strategies approach is proven to:

Dr. John M. Gottman, one of the world’s foremost experts on relationships, has spent decades studying what creates success or failure in relationships. He has identified that the leading source of discontent in teams and intimate relationships is a steady diet of team toxins which include: blaming or criticism, defensiveness, stonewalling, and contempt.

Our qualified professional coaches help you identify your team toxins and provide your organization or team with the tools necessary to eradicate discontent. Chameleon’s coaches match their coaching styles, techniques, and processes to meet the needs of your organization or team. We ensure that your team is having the tough conversations and getting to the core issues. We help our clients create a more coherent vision of the future which enhances teamwork and increased positivity.

Call Chameleon Strategies today to explore how organization systems coaching can benefit your team or organization. We will customize an approach that works for you.