Calling all Early Adapters…join the 2011 Crab In the Bucket Challenge!

Do you like a challenge? If you’re anything like us we know YOU do.  And, the start of a New Year is an excellent opportunity to make changes. We have been inspired by the experiences and stories of our clients throughout Canada. The Crab In the Bucket Challenge is an invitation to come together as a community to transform Lateral Violence at a grass roots level.  Are you…

It’s easy. Join now and in January you will receive a red Lateral Violence Free Zone wristband that allows you to identify others participating in themovement. In January 2011 you will be emailed your first challenge including a webcast discussing the challenge and featuring tools, inspiration and most of all encouragement to help you on the journey. Each month will bring a new challenge, opportunity to connect, share and celebrate your successes.

YOU will have the opportunity to be featured as the Early adapter of the of the month in your community and will be interviewed and promoted as an inspiration to others taking the challenge.  Its good to be out on the leading edge….join the Challenge today!

Join NOW and receive a set of Medicine Skills.  


The Medicine Skills™ are an indigenous relationship-building tool designed by Chameleon Strategies for individuals, partners and groups. If you are seeking to increase positivity and want to explore creative and time honoured ways of working through issues the Medicine Skills™ can provide fresh perspectives, shift emotions, increase balance, spark creativity and offer intuitive insights. Each set includes 9 beautifully illustrated cards, instructions and customized tape.



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