Transform Lateral Violence in Your Community

Lateral Violence occurs within marginalized groups where members strike out at each other as a result of being oppressed. The oppressed become the oppressors of themselves and each other. Common behaviours that prevent positive change from occurring include gossiping, bullying, finger-pointing, backstabbing and shunning.

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During this 1 to 5 day experience you will…

• Interact in a safe space and contribute to the creation of a supportive network;

• Explore the impact of Lateral Violence and how to create positive change;

• Identify toxic behaviors and practice responses that will build positivity in your community;

• Build awareness and obtain new tools for working through conflict;

• Practice managing emotional triggers that contribute to the cycle of Lateral Violence;

• Experience a renewed sense of hope and understanding in regards to what is possible

 for YOUR community; and

• Celebrate the successes and strengths of everyone together!

If you are ready for the change then this workshop is for you!

Join us for this in-depth experience that will develop your awareness and provide you with leading edge, culturally relevant tools. Build your skills and ability to identify and respond confidently to Lateral Violence as it occurs.

You will participate in creating a safe space in which to dialogue about this sensitive topic and will be empowered to use new skills and tools, make healthy choices, and create a network of support and to have a voice that can influence sustainable change at a grass roots level.

This workshop is intended to initiate much needed change in regards to the unconscious use of power you are experiencing in your family, organization and community.



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