Restorative Parenting – A Journey to The Heart…

“The key to raising kids is strong attachments and soft hearts”….Dr. Gordon Neufeld.  


I’m so excited to share with you that I’m expanding into the the area of Parenting Workshops.

Although this is a new service being offered it is a journey I’ve been on for a few years now in regards to my own parenting. It’s an incredible feeling when I get to combine my coaching and facilitation skills in regards to working with parents to support their children in the best way possible. I am currently enrolled in Advanced Studies at the Neufeld Institute ( where I’m learning to understand kids through the lens of developmental attachment theory in regards to everything from aggression to defiance. Although I began my training as a parent seeking to lead my own children more effectively what I have learned has transformed the way I’m working with adults and teams too. Many of the same theories apply and my understanding of human nature has deepened.  I find myself more compassionate and able to respond to the human behavior that can, at times, be so mystifying.

Below I’ve outlined my new offerings and am happy to customize something especially for your community. Give me a call to discuss ideas.

Parenting should be an intuitive process where we know exactly how to respond to the needs of our children yet many of us have lost our way. We live in a world of experts who are diagnosing our children and dis-empowering us as parents. Despite more and more interventions by experts our children are not thriving as they are intended to.  The trend toward behavior management is turning out a generation of children who know how to behave but have lost the ability to feel.  How do we reclaim our rightful place in the lives or children? How do we become the answer to our children’s emotional needs? These are important questions for which the answers can be found in our own hearts. 

Attachment is much more than just physical contact. Being mentally and emotionally attuned to our children is one of the most precious gifts we can give as parents. How do we stay connected to our children, even when physically apart, so they feel shielded and able to thrive? Our relationship with our children has the profound ability to keep our children safe in a world that wounds.

Kweykway offers a series of workshops designed for parents and anybody working with kids and looking for a way to support children through the process of growing up. Denise Findlay gently guides participants through an exploration of topics such as….


  • Building strong attachments
  • Addressing anxiety and frustration
  • Recognizing signs that a child feels unsafe
  • Helping children meet their potential
  • Creating the conditions in which a child learns best
  • Responding to defiance and aggression
  • Understanding attention problems
  • The role of emotions in growing up
  • Creating an attachment village
  • And more…


This program is rooted in Dr. Gordon Neufeld’s Developmental Attachment Theory and provides parents and caregiver’s insight into children and the conditions that help them thrive. Denise Findlay is a masterful First Nations Facilitator, wife and mother of two. Denise belongs to the Squamish Nation and is living and raising her family on reserve in their community. Having had her son inaccurately diagnosed with learning disabilities at an early age she embarked on a journey to find a better way…. a way that would restore her ability to parent her children. Along the way she re-discovered her own path of healing and ultimately a journey back to her own and her children’s hearts.

Denise is currently enrolled in Advanced Studies at the Neufeld Institute studying Developmental Attachment Theory with Dr. Neufeld. She brings over 15 years experience working in the area of human development.  Denise’s ability to connect and create a feeling of safety engages participants and from there the learning happens spontaneously.

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