Signs of A Healthy Team


Often clients will ask me how to determine if their workplace is healthy. What are the signs that folks are functioning in a healthy and sustainable manner? Every group is different depending on the community or organizational culture; however, there is some very good information out there on what constitutes a healthy workplace where there exist high levels of positivity and productivity. Below I have provided 7 characteristics of a healthy team.


Trust: It is safe on this team to speak your mind, openly. We can count on each other; we are reliable. The team does not operate in a fear-based environment.

Respect: There is an atmosphere of mutual respect and genuine positive regard. Contempt and hostility are not tolerated. We empower other members of the team to contribute.

Camaraderie: There is a strong sense of belonging to the team. The team celebrates and acknowledges accomplishments. Empathy, playfulness and humor are present.

Communication: Clear and efficient communication is valued over less direct approaches such as politicizing, gossiping, or stonewalling.

Constructive Interaction: Conflict is seen as providing an opportunity for discovery, growth and creativity. The team avoids criticizing, defensiveness and finger pointing. We give and receive feedback well.

Values Diversity: The team is open-minded and values differences in ideas, backgrounds, perspectives, personalities, approaches and lifestyles. Diversity is considered vital.

Optimism: The team has an inspiring shared vision. They are enthusiastic, forward looking and appreciative of each other. There are low levels of cynicism, pessimism, helplessness, hopelessness or dwelling in the past.

The above information comes from Team Diagnostic International.

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