Ancestors Visualization


Whenever I feel disconnected it doesn’t take long to realize that I’ve lost touch with something greater than myself.

For some it’s The Creator, Spirit, the Universe or God. When I need direction I call on my ancestors. Those who have gone before me in my life give me great strength to carry on during difficult times and can provide clear direction when I’m feeling lost. What I notice most often is that the direction I take from my ancestors when I’m truly able to reconnect is usually simple. I know when I’ve made that connection because I feel an immediate sense of calm come over me and the clarity of the message rings true in the depths of my sole.


I’d like to share with you a simple visualization I use for myself and when working with folks. It comes from my own mentor who has generously shared his teachings with me over the years. I’m honored to be able to pass it along to you. Enjoy!

Find a quiet place to perch yourself. Some place you won’t be interrupted for at least 10 minutes. Closer your eyes if you possible and take a few deep, cleansing breaths in through your nose and out through mouth. Once you are ready you may begin…


Think about a current challenge you are experiencing. It could be a relationship, personal or professional challenge. Now place these on the side.


Now, imagine yourself in a place where you might meet with the ancestors.


It might be somewhere in nature or somewhere that only exists in your imagination. See yourself there now.


Imagine that all the ancestors are with you in this place, welcoming you home.  You can feel them all around you. Notice how good it feels to be in there presence. They have been waiting for you.


Now imagine a particular ancestor, someone that was special to you and that you deeply respect. Imagine them standing in front of you now.


See them in front of you shining their care and love onto you in this very moment. Feel how good it feels to be with them.


Look at yourself today with through this ancestors eyes and give your self some recommendations. Listen to what the ancestor says. . What message do you hear?


Now, consider what this ancestor values most…. and how this is something that you value too?


How will you use this message in your challenge and in your life?


This visualization can be used individually or with groups. 

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