Understand the Effects of Change

If you are part of a group that is experiencing a change or if you are the person trying to implement change you know how slow it can feel sometimes…and how impatient we can become. I want to reassure you that even if you feel stuck change is happening.

If you want to successfully navigate and lead change it’s important to remember a few things….


Everyone experiences and responds to change differently and at their own pace so slow down and normalize any behaviours that crop up.

Change is more readily accepted if people feel that their concerns about the future have been heard fully.

In response to change you will have early adapters, those who need extra support and resisters. All 3 groups are an important and needed part of our communities and organizations and serve to maintain the integrity of any change process.


Engage this group and empower them to help influence the rest of the group in regards to accepting the change.


Ensure that we communicate effectively and put the proper supports in place so that people are successful and continue to be effective in their roles….and finally…


This group is often unpopular and cause us to slow down and consider things that we may not have thought about. Resisters often stand to protect something that is very important and should be discussed as part of the change process. Remember, Resisters are important and are not always skilful in their communication.  They may be antagonistic and they also have the potential to sabotage change if they don’t feel heard.

So… take the time to create safety, build trust and then finally invite open dialogue where all voices can be heard and explored. You don’t need to have all the answers and if you can create healthy dialogue that includes interaction of all the voices then the solutions to our problems become known as a natural part of the process.

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